Campeόn Connect Event

On June 4th, we conducted the “Campeón Connect Event,” an internal corporate event for all the people of Campeón Gaming. The purpose of this event was to showcase and discuss the interconnectedness of all departments within our company and the vital contributions each makes to the lifecycle of a brand.

During the event, every department analyzed their roles and contributions across the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch phases, whether operational or supportive. They also highlighted key milestones, achievements, and upcoming goals for the rest of the year, while during the Q&A sessions, they elaborated valuable insights.

From Casino, Product, and Affiliates, to Customer Support, HR, and Design, each department is interconnected and collaborates to bring a brand to life and help us excel in the industry. The valuable insights exchanged have strengthened our shared vision for the future, and we are confident that the knowledge shared will continue to drive us forward and inspire us.

The Campeón Connect Event is where innovation meets strategy, and passion transforms into success. Every department is equally vital and highly connected. Together, we create, innovate, and succeed. Until next time, we will stay connected!