Premium Partners of the Democritus Racing Team

As Premium Partners of the Democritus Racing Team, we affirm our dedication to supporting the Younger Generation and fostering innovation in Greek universities. Supporting the dynamic Democritus Racing Team, led by students from the Democritus University of Thrace since 2017, they channel academic engineering expertise into creating Formula Single Seater Racing Cars. The Democritus Racing […]

Official Sponsor at Greece Race for the Cure® 2023 by ALMA ZOIS

In 2023, for the 2nd consecutive year, we are among the Official Sponsors of Greece’s Race For The Cure® by the Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer, Alma Zois, supporting one of the greatest sports events in Europe about breast cancer. In this race, every step matters. By participating in this event, we collectively […]

Platinum Sponsor of the Panther Racing Team

As Platinum Sponsors of the Panther Racing Auth Team, we affirm our commitment to empowering the Younger Generation and catalyzing innovation, as part of our DNA. Supporting motivated Engineering students from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the team, established in 2017, consistently translates engineering knowledge into real-world achievements, crafting an inventive prototype for a Moto […]

Champs Go Camps, powered by Campeόn

Through our sponsorship to the Triton Sports Club of Athens and its Academies, a professional Greek sports association, we embrace sports and noble rivalry, as integral parts of our culture, while supporting the younger generation. The “Champs Go Camps, powered by Campeόn” Program comes as an extension of this sponsorship, recognizing the importance of nurturing […]