Inspiring the Younger Generation

Our Mission

We inspire the Younger Generation and empower Sports, by enhancing 4 Basketball Academies in Athens and Thessaloniki, during 2023-2024, and fostering the values of respect and resilience within and beyond the court.

The Teams of the Academies


Established in 1942 in Sepolia, Athens, Triton B.C. is Greece’s pioneer basketball club with the first women’s team. Today, its Basketball Academies nurture more than 120 young athletes.


A.C. Papagou was founded in 1966 in Papagou, Athens, and is distinguished by a lightning bolt emblem. Currently, its Basketball Academies support more than 190 young athletes.


A.O.N.S. MILON, based in Nea Smyrni, Athens since 1928, began as the Sports Club of Nea Smyrni. Today, its Basketball Academies support over 440 young athletes.

10A Academy

The formation of the 10A Academy took place in 2015 in Thessaloniki, integrating two teams of Evosmos, Doxa Elpidos and Kronos. Today, the Basketball Academies nurture more than 460 young athletes.

The Program

The journey of our young athletes will include:


in collaboration with 
a Sports Psychologist

Team-Building Activities

to strengthen their interpersonal relationships

Basketball Camp

for an immersive & enriching sports experience

The Goal

The creation of a meaningful and enduring impact on the comprehensive growth of young athletes in the field of sports.

We enhance 4 Basketball Academies, empowering more than 1,200 children aged 6-17, underscoring our commitment to making a lasting difference in the lives of young athletes.

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