Champs Go Camps, powered by Campeόn

Through our sponsorship to the Triton Sports Club of Athens and its Academies, a professional Greek sports association, we embrace sports and noble rivalry, as integral parts of our culture, while supporting the younger generation.

The “Champs Go Camps, powered by Campeόn” Program comes as an extension of this sponsorship, recognizing the importance of nurturing the younger generation’s potential, in a structured and fun environment.

Through this program, we aim to instill core values such as teamwork, discipline, and determination, while also nurturing their passion for the sport. By bringing together experienced coaches and enthusiastic young athletes, we inspire and empower the next generation of basketball players, helping them build self-confidence, resilience, and teamwork. Also, through insightful workshops, we are fostering collaboration, trust, and respect along the teams.

Our goal is to create a positive and impactful experience that will shape their lives both on and off the court.