Marinos Shiapanis on SBC Leaders new issue!

Check out the latest article on the new issue of SBC Leaders, about CGP’s CEO & Co-Founder, Marinos Shiapanis’ participation in the latest SBC Digital Summit CIS.

The recent SBC Digital Summit CIS offered delegates a range of C-level perspectives on the rapidly changing developments and opportunities across the region as CIS markets begin to remove their ‘grey status’.

The region, according to Marinos Shiapanis, CEO & Co-Founder of Campeón Gaming Partners, poses a ‘unique challenge like no other’.
When discussing the difficulties that await betting companies that are looking to enter a market place full of distinct cultural divides, Shiapanis advised operators to develop a ‘comprehensive business strategy’ and consider the intricacies of the region; be it in language, consumer behaviours or resources available.

The executive warned against operators becoming fixated on the idea of finding a ‘binding CIS approach’. Though many countries across the CIS region share common bonds, Shiapanis emphasised the need for a thorough due diligence process upon entry into each market.

“There is no such thing as a binding approach for the CIS region,” he said. “Years back, operators just thought you could secure access by offering their products in Russian language with a payment provider that could process regional payments… they were proven wrong very quickly.”

Having recently launched Campeón properties across the CIS region, Shiapanis explained that the firm’s main strategic focus was on ‘customising products and services’. “Each market needs dedicated
attention to service differing characteristics with regards to languages, payment providers, and customer service,” Shiapanis added. “The customisation of your platform is also vital, as in each CIS territory players differ widely in what choice of games they want to play. You need to get this right before you start thinking about the local legislation.”

It’s safe to say that challenges await those looking to make their entry into the CIS betting market. But despite this, betting leadership has welcomed the positive developments against the common backdrop of Western European markets which have -in recent years – tightened their regulations and compliance demands.

Well said Marinos and thank you SBC! You can check the full issue here.