Meet the team: Thodoris from CLR

Meet Thodoris Tsairidis, a Senior Executive and one of the oldest members of the Customer Lifecycle & Retention (CLR) Team. Thodoris is responsible for implementing CRM campaigns to expand Campeόn Gaming’s customer base in order to engage, retain, and maximize their value while providing a positive customer experience. Also, he creates, maintains, and optimizes CRM automation and workflows to improve and lengthen the customer journey.

Thodoris, acknowledging that customer retention can be difficult to achieve in the iGaming industry, believes that this is the reason why he and his team should be on top of things and constantly be aware of new developments and trends, that will help them provide an exceptional customer journey.

When he is not working, he likes taking long walks, while having deep conversations about everything or nothing, and dancing, at least once or twice a week.

But, what does he like most about being a Campeόn? In his own words. “I like being able to talk with anyone about anything and feel free to express my ideas and thoughts”.

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