The Co-Founders

Marinos Shiapanis

Marinos Shiapanis kicked off his career in marketing and entered the world of iGaming as a marketing manager. Since then, he has worked for various igaming companies and participated in several projects, having always the dream of his very own company on his mind. He teamed up with Akis and Alex and, together, they brought Campeón Gaming to life. Marinos is Campeón’s hands-on CEO with a focus on Campeones. He loves playing and watching basketball, travelling, and hosting barbeques.

Avraam ‘Akis’ Tosounidis

Avraam ‘Akis’ Tosounidis began his journey in the world of online gambling in the 2000s, having worked for some of the top names in the iGaming industry, with 9 years of experience at Betfair and almost 3 years at Neteller. Akis has also worked for many consulting projects at well-known companies worldwide, and, in 2017, he joined forces with Marinos and Alex, bringing life to Campeόn Gaming. Since the early days of his career, he has been passionate about finding the best payment solutions for customers and VIPs from the most challenging markets, providing tangible value, and enriching their experience. He is the CFO of the company, keeping his passion real. He loves basketball, running and never misses the chance to enjoy a trip.

Alex Manios

Alex Manios is the legal mind of the company, involved in all strategic decision-making since 2017 when he crossed roads with Akis and Marinos. Alex has a holistic professional experience and knowledge of the iGaming industry due to his diverse background. He has worked for more than 10 years as a sports journalist and a betting analyst for Press, TV Channels and Radio Stations, whilst at the same time studying and graduating of the Faculty of Law. Also, he is familiar with the iGaming industry, as he has worked in marketing positions in sportsbooks, with hands-on experience. Alex is a huge fan of traveling and football and this is why he never misses the chance to play football with the same group of friends for the last 20 years.