After 5 years of rapid growth, through hard work, genuine effort, and honest trust in our people, we managed to create a great place to work for everyone, establishing our values and culture and creating solid ground, for a strong and united team.

We are our values, represented by our people. We are our people.


We provide equal opportunities & fairness in the workplace.

99% of our people feel they are treated equally regardless of gender or race*
At Campeόn Gaming, fair treatment, equal behavior, and opportunities for all individuals, taking personalized needs and efforts into account, are our top priority in decision-making, relating to inclusion efforts.

*Great Place to Work Hellas Survey – 2022


We welcome & embrace different opinions, trusting our people.

96% of our people feel management genuinely seeks & responds to suggestions & ideas*
At Campeόn Gaming, participation in any kind of work interaction and decision-making is embraced and highly appreciated, while respecting all different opinions and perspectives, expressing trust in our people.

*Great Place to Work Hellas Survey – 2022


We embrace diversity & its expressions.

100% of our people feel respected regardless of their sexual orientation*
At Campeόn Gaming, diverse perspectives are welcome regardless of gender identity, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, cultural background, educational level or religion, to accommodate different mindsets and engender innovation.

*Great Place to Work Hellas Survey – 2022


We embody respect for uniqueness, through our behavior.

 96% of our people feel they can be themselves around here*
At Campeόn Gaming, politeness and kindness are encouraged daily, creating a fair and positive work culture, where people are respected, while their strengths, talents, and most of all their uniqueness can blossom.

*Great Place to Work Hellas Survey – 2022


We adopt open & honest communication.

94% of our people feel mutual trust*
At Campeόn Gaming, transparency is nurtured by promoting honest and open communication among all, ensuring efficient information flow, encouraging employees’ share of voice, and implementing 360o feedback..

*Great Place to Work Hellas Survey – 2022


We foster resilient & accountable teams, leading by example.

95% of our people feel management's is honest and ethical in its business practices*
At Campeόn Gaming, leading by example with strong moral principles and values is vital to build and maintain reliable teams, while forming strong and trustworthy relationships.

*Great Place to Work Hellas Survey – 2022

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