We are a Great Place to Work

What makes a company a great place to work? Any company would answer that a friendly working environment, equal treatment of employees, and modern offices, are some of the most important elements that make a workplace great.

Here, at Campeón Gaming, as our employees confirm, we don’t just say these words; we live by them. This is the reason why we are certified as a Great Place to Work by Great Place to Work Hellas™ for the second year in a row.

It’s also evident by our motto: better together. Our first priority is our people. We’ve asked them what they think, through the Great Place to Work™ Survey: 98% of our people feel they are welcomed to the team from their very first day and get all the resources and equipment they need to perform at their job.

At Campeón, being different is considered an asset: an impressive 100%, meaning the whole team, confirmed that people here are treated fairly regardless of their gender, age, race, or sexual orientation.

But what about our offices? Well, the facts speak for themselves: 96% of the Campeón Gaming family responded that this is a psychologically and emotionally healthy place to work, with lots of benefits. More specifically, our colleagues unanimously agree that our facilities contribute to a good working environment and that this is a fun place to work.

Management sets the tone here, at Campeón: almost all of our people said that management is open to new suggestions and ideas, answering their questions straight, and recognizing honest mistakes as part of doing business. In addition, approximately 9 out of 10 of our team members indicate that the management actively appreciates good work and extra effort.

Need we say more? Certificates, badges, awards, all of them make us proud, however, what really makes us proud is seeing our people being happy at their job and feeling excited they are Campeones. This is what we want to keep focusing on and what actually makes us feel like we’re a really Great Place to Work.