We are certified as a Great Place To Work for the 3rd year in a row!

At Campeόn Gaming, we put our people first in all our actions, from onboarding to rewarding. And this is the reason why we are certified as a Great Place to Work by Great Place to Work Hellas™ for the 3rd year in a row!

We are really proud of this certification, as it designates our commitment to our Campeones, through our culture and values, for the creation of a unique and inclusive environment.

But what truly makes us a great place to work? From our modern and dynamic working environment, and equal treatment of our people to our inclusive culture, remarkable events, and exceptional management team, we ensure that we create and provide a unique working experience for our people, making our company a great workplace.

According to the Trust Index, the official survey from Great Place To Work, 95% of our people believe that our company is a Great Place To Work, confirming that our people and their working experience are our top priorities.

We couldn’t be any prouder of our diverse team, Campeones, in which everyone is treated fairly regardless of gender, age, race, position, or sexual orientation, embracing together equity. Our differences are what unite us, making us a strong and independent team.

97% of our people state that we celebrate special events around here, and we couldn’t have proved them wrong, especially on the day of the official announcement of our certification. We took the chance and skipped the last hour at the office to enjoy some after-work drinks and have a blast together, celebrating our recognition.

Our devotion to our people’s well-being is an integral part of our culture, creating a healthy and fun working environment, in which all Campeones feel comfortable and enjoy special celebrations and pop-up events. Our people confirm that since 97% of Campeones state that our company is a fun, physically and emotionally healthy workplace.

With our open space offices and dynamic scene, we offer a modern workplace, interplaying between innovation and evolution, through the high-tech equipment, that we provide to our team members. More than 97% of our people say that they are given the resources and equipment to do their job, helping them to complete easily every project successfully. Also, great communication and unrivaled collaboration are what make us an awesome team. This comes as confirmation from all our people, who state that they can count on people to cooperate.

Our professional management team is always approachable and easy to talk with, since 96% confirm that, as the management seeks and responds to innovative suggestions and ideas. What is really important to us is the fact that all our people strongly believe that the management people would lay people off only as a last resort, highlighting that we truly stand next to our people. It is also important to highlight that the management team is always there for us, trusting our ideas and efforts and trusting us to innovate. This is why 94% of our people state that the management trusts them to do their job, without watching over their shoulders.

Once someone joins our company, they feel welcomed from the very first day, meeting in person members of each department and having a tour of our offices. The peak of the induction day is the welcome brunch or lunch with their new team members, getting to know them better! We have scored 100% in the statement “When you join the company, you are made to feel welcome.”, making us really proud of our onboarding procedure. Even when somebody changes departments, the new team is here to help them to adapt to their new position, making them feel comfortable and appreciated.

What makes such a great workplace is the fact that we genuinely care for our people, helping them to balance both their work and personal life. We are proud to share that 97% of our people indicate that they are encouraged to balance their work and personal life, and 96% state that we have special and unique benefits in our company. Our flexible hybrid working model and the Festive Family Vibes, with extra paid days off for the last days of the year, are some of our special perks that distinguish our company’s culture and benefits.

Our people have spoken, and we couldn’t be more excited about what they have stated. 94% of our people feel a sense of pride in what we have accomplished, look forward to coming to work in our company, and want to work here for a long time.

We live by our values. It’s also evident by our motto: better together. Campeones are the reason for making our workplace a great place to work! What really makes us proud is seeing our people being happy at their job and feeling excited they are Campeones. The conclusion is one; Campeón Gaming is a great place to work!