We’ve reached 100 Campeones!

October was a turning point for our company in all aspects, from our 5-year anniversary “Let’s Opa” party, to the rebranding and repositioning of Campeόn Gaming. But our breakthrough does not stop there. We are thrilled to announce that we have achieved the milestone of reaching 100 team members in our company!

Since the beginning of our operations, 5 years ago, we were focused on creating a diverse and inclusive team, consisting of people with different mindsets, generations, and cultural backgrounds, that together would generate innovation through their passion. And after these 5 years of hard work and rapid growth, we are honored that our team is growing bigger and stronger with exceptional personalities and multi-skilled individuals.

We celebrated this milestone with all our team members, at a pop-up brunch on the terrace of our offices, under the Acropolis, enjoying delicious coffee, nutritious delicacies, and comfort food. We heartily thank all 100 Campeones for their hard effort and team spirit, throughout all these years. We are our people and will keep evolving as a united team because we are better together!