Code your way

A complimentary coding workshop

The Workshop

An exclusive 1-day Workshop, designed for women in tech, aiming to strengthen their coding and development skills. Through a tailored 6-hour training session, on the 12th of April at Campeόn HQ, we empower women to join the professional world, gaining exposure to the real-world dynamics of iGaming and software engineering aspects.

Why Participate?

A unique opportunity to engage in hands-on learning, gain insights from industry experts, and contribute to the advancement of inclusion in the tech sector.

Exploration of
Full Stack Dynamics

Discover the fascinating landscape of technology.

Experts-Led Hands-On Workshop

Engage in practical sessions led by our esteemed experts.

CV Optimization Lab

Create a standout CV to showcase your technical prowess.

Corporate Insight

Gain a first-hand glimpse of a large-scale company’s work environment.

Skill-Driven Coding Empowerment

Enhance your hard and soft skills to navigate the professional coding landscape.

Conditions of Participation

The applicants must be women, aged 20-28, with no previous work experience, but great interest in Coding.
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The Agenda

Explore the possibilities that await you on your coding journey.

The Retrospection into the Future

by Dimitris Zenios – Chief Technology Officer

Reflecting on the past and the journey of his career, which ultimately led to success. The past, the present, and the future analyzed through the lenses of risks and opportunities.

Are you up to building a platform?

by Alex Leventakis - Senior Backend Developer

Investigating intriguing aspects of back-end architectural design, highlighting the effects behind architectural decisions at the preliminary steps of building an iGaming platform.

How many props is too many props?

by Andreas Traganidas - Lead Frontend Developer

Delving into the world of React, components, and properties, understanding the evolving requirements, and integrating cutting-edge solutions to effectively meet and support them.

Predicting the future of player-centric products

by Nikos Zygouris – Head of Product

Exploring the realm of Product Features, focusing on diversity, innovation, and predictability, and diving into a detailed analysis of unknown aspects within the product landscape.

Optimizing Your Tech CV: Coding Your Way

by Ilektra Anastasiadi – Talent Acquisition Executive

Unlocking the secrets to crafting an exceptional tech-focused CV, and receiving valuable insights & tips on how to excel in a job interview.

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